Web Developer and Programmer

Hello, my name is and I am a Web Developer based out of the Orlando area. I specialize in data driven web applications using a variety of technologies including ASP.NET, SQL Server, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL and more.

I am also a teacher. I've been teaching college courses for several years now. The classes I teach are mostly programming and database related on topics such as JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and Ajax.


My skillset is varied and vast. I have been fortunate to work at organizations which use a variety of technologies. Click on a skill below to learn more about my experience with each.


Coding since 2004

I have been building ASP.NET web sites for over eight years. Out of all of the platforms I have developed with, ASP.NET is my favorite. There are a lot of reasons why, but one of the top ones is because of Visual Studio. It is an excellent coding tool.

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Coding since 2009

ASP.NET MVC is relatively new for me. I have developed a couple of smaller sites (such as this one) with it, but I haven't had the opportunity to really go in depth with it. I do plan on using it much more in the future.

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ESRI ArcGIS Server

Using since 2008

Within a short period of time I went from knowing absolutely nothing about GIS to being able to create sophisticated web maps. I have enjoyed learning more about GIS because of how useful it can be.

I have built several web mapping applications that run on ArcGIS Server 10. Most of the sites were built using the Web ADF 10 for Microsoft .NET Framework. I have built several JavaScript API applications as well. In the future I plan on using the JavaScript API to replace all Web ADF applications.

Working for a local government county agency has allowed me to learn a lot of different technologies. GIS is one area that I knew absolutely nothing about until one day my boss said the following to me "Hey Erikk, we have this really awful ArcGIS IMS web site but we just bought ArcGIS Server and need to create a new interactive web mapping site, but no one in our GIS division knows how to create a web site. You are going to learn GIS and create the county an awesome site. Oh, you'll also need to setup and maintain the server…and you have 6 months to do it." I took it and ran. A few months later the site launched.

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Coding since 2009

I use to dread JavaScript. After learning jQuery, I absolutely love working with JavaScript now! jQuery makes working with JavaScript so much more enjoyable. The Ajax capabilities of jQuery have completely changed how I build web applications.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Using since 1999

Most of the development work I do is based on a backend database of some sort. Microsoft SQL Server is the database engine that I am most familiar and comfortable with. It is the one I use on a daily basis.

I also have quite a bit of experience in using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). I have created a variety of reports using SSRS. My favorite feature of SSRS is how easy it is to publish a report to the web and allow others to view. Subscriptions, which let you setup automated report deliveries, is another one of my favorite features.

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Using since 2006

MySQL is an open source relational database management system. My experience with MySQL mostly comes from teaching classes. I currently teach online college courses that focus on PHP and MySQL.

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Using since 2006

Most of my experience from PHP comes from teaching online courses that focus on the introductory concepts of both PHP and MySQL. I know many people find PHP to be superior to ASP.NET, but I think they are completely wrong. Just in terms of debugging, ASP.NET is a much better environment.

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Using since 2007

I have setup a few basic Wordpress sites. I use a Wordpress site for my teaching, where I post tips, tricks and video tutorials for my classes. Click to visit site

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Using since 1999

I wouldn't be much of a web developer if I didn't know HTML and CSS. All new projects I do start out using HTML5. I am very interested in learning more about the location aware APIs along with the local storage options that HTML5 offers, especially when it comes to mobile development.

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Responsive Web Design

Using since 2011

Responsive web design uses CSS3 media queries and fluid grids to adjust the layout of a site to fit within the device that is being viewed on. I believe this is going to be an important pattern to follow. It is almost impossible to create separate web sites for all of the various devices that are out there.

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Using since 2012

Mercurial is a distributed source control system. In the past I have always used Subversion. Then I tried to do a merge on a fairly complex project...let's just say things did not go well! After that I looked into Git which led me into Mercurial. I found that Mercurial was much easier to get up and running.

I am currently using bitbucket.org to host my personal repositories. At work I have setup a Mercurial web server and use that as a central repository.

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Using since 2008

I have setup and maintained a couple of different Sharepoint environments. Currently I maintain separate Sharepoint 2007 and 2010 servers.

In my experience, Sharepoint is a great product when used properly. I have done limited custom programming with Sharepoint, which I found to be a little cumbersome.

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Featured Work

Below are sites that I have worked on. All sites are live and being used this day.

Lake County Interactive Map


The Lake County GIS Interactive map allows users to view a visual representation of mapped data for Lake County, Florida. This mapped data includes tax parcels, aerial photography, city limits, roads and highways, lakes, subdivisions, firestations, voting precincts, and zoning, just to name a few.

The Interactive map is the primary web map for Lake County citizens and employees.

Technologies Used

  • ESRI ArcGIS Server 10
  • ESRI ArcGIS ArcSDE 10/SQL Server 2008
  • ESRI Web ADF 10 for Microsoft .NET Framework
  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Ajax
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Lake County Property Finder


Lake County Property Finder is a Web site that displays commercials properties available for sale or lease in Lake County, Fla. All of the listings are entered by property owners or real-estate agents.

Property owners and real-estate agents register on the site and once approved, are allowed to create new listings. These users can upload images and other documents associated with the property. The property is then available on the site for anyone to find.

One unique feature of this site is that we give end users the ability to run demographic and business reports on a given property.

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Lake County Redistricting Map


Lake County, Florida recently went through a redistricting process. The county needed an easy way to show citizens what the proposed districts would like compared to the current districts. I created a web map that allows the users to hit a button to see the current districts versus the proposed districts. Citizens can even enter their address to quickly find their property on the map.

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Lake County Code Case Search


The Lake County Code Enforcement department wanted to web application that would allow citizens to search through all of the code cases and complaints that have been filed. They also wanted to embed a map of the property for each case if one was available.

The Code Enforcement department uses a third party application to store all of their complaints and cases in. This project required me to tie into this third party application and make the records searchable on the web. They also requested to have any supporting documents (word documents) available on the web along with a map of the property.

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Lake County Mobile


When Lake County launched an update to their online permitting, one request we received from the public was to have a way to easily check the status of a permit from a mobile device. Our regular desktop web site is not mobile friendly at all. I was interested in learning more about mobile web development so I decided to create a simple mobile version of the county web site. The goal of the mobile site was to take the top used features of the desktop site and make them available on mobile devices.

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Lake County Online Permitting


In an attempt to become more "business friendly" the county began offering online permitting several years ago. I was tasked with figuring out how to take the walk-in process of applying and paying for permits and making it available on the web. We started out by offering only a few different types of permits online. Today, we offer a variety of building permits, zoning clearance, site plans and much more. Users can apply for their permits, pay for them and upload electronic documents all from their home or business without ever having to come into the county building.

The county collected over $250,000 through the online system last year and is on track to increase by 70% this year.

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Wordpress Blog


This is a Wordpress site I created to share information with my students. I post tips, tricks and tutorials for the various classes that I teach.

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Contact Me

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Art Institute Online

My name is Erikk Ross and I am instructor for the Art Institute Online. I teach several different classes for the Web Design program including IMD312: Introduction to Programming, IMD323: Database Systems, IMD331: Web Site Development II and IMD411: Senior Research. My goals for each course are as follows:

  • Make sure everyone succeeds.

  • Provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable.

  • Have fun!

I have been a Web Developer for over nine years now. I graduated from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in 2001 with my Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia. I also have a Master’s Degree in Information Technology and am currently a Software Engineer for Lake County Government in central Florida. For the most part I program using Microsoft .NET and the C# programming language. I am also proficient in PHP, classic ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, Java, Visual Basic and several other languages. As far as the database side goes, I currently use SQL Server and MySQL.

For fun I like to read, go to the movies, kayak and play the occasional video game.